Hola and welcome to Hola Cupcake! I’m Jennifer Luna, baker and owner. I am from a tiny town in north Florida and a graduate of the University of Florida. I moved to Panama City, Panama from Tampa, Florida in 2010 with my Panamanian hubby and 2 small children. I quickly grew to miss the flavors of my southern grandmothers’ and mother’s baking. The moistness of their cakes and other goodies was really hard to find here, so in my new role as housewife or ama de casa (it sounds so much better in Spanish, right?) I started collecting their recipes and baking for our family.

Growing up in a southern family is something very special. One of my fondest memories is visiting my granny every Sunday afternoon and she always had a freshly baked cake that me, my brother, sister and all our cousins would gobble up! The dessert table at our family gatherings were always filled with at least 10 different cakes, cookies, pies, you name it! I thought that was how all family gatherings were! I introduced my boyfriend (now husband, I’m telling you ladies the way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach) at an Easter lunch with my entire family of 40+ people around. He was completely amazed with the food and most of all, the dessert table. Tiny dessert plates do not work at our gatherings, we have dinner size plates for our desserts too!

One day my husband took a carrot cake to share with his office here and everyone fell in love! It was close to Christmas at the time and they all wanted to order a cake for their holiday celebrations. Then they wanted a menu of all the other flavors I could make. So, after raiding my mother’s cookbook, I put together a menu of flavors for cupcakes, because to me anything can be made into a cupcake and let’s face it who doesn’t LOVE a cupcake? I decided to turn my granny’s carrot cake, coconut cream pie, apple cake and red velvet recipe into cupcakes.

Today I am happily baking my families’ special treats from my home kitchen and delivering them all around Panama City. I love to watch the faces and hear the reactions of customers after they try my cupcakes. It is truly something special for me and I feel blessed to be able to share my southern traditions with you.

Please enjoy Panama City!

Sincerely made with love,